Monday, October 20, 2008

Yet another in the line of useless auctions that look like stuff.

People will try to auction anything that resembles a face I suppose. It is a natural human tendency to find faces in things, it stems from our infant development, faces are one of the first things we recognize, really all it takes is two dots and a line. But someone is auctioning off a starbucks blueberry muffin, so well, if that's your thing, then you should rush off and bid on it. Check out the full story at:

Mario, you're my only friend.

Most of what occurs on I can't post, but I was amused by these two images earlier, and thought I would share.

Next time you want to be a crochety old person and keep a ball that landed in your yard, think again.

An 88 year old woman that didn't want to return a child's football that kept landing in her yard actually had charges pressed against her for petty theft. Interesting story I thought, I guess the era of the evil old lady that won't put up with your crap is over. Check out the story at: (again sorry for a text link, blogger is not posting links when I put them in.)

Dead bear has Obama signs on it.

I just ran across a little piece about how at the Western Carolina University that somebody shot a bear to death, and people placed Obama signs on it. First of all, I thought there was only a North and South Carolina, but besides the point. It's an interesting little story that I found at (sorry for text link, blogger isn't adding the link for some reason). Anyways, check it out for yourself. I was highly amused at the first comment however, "Palin strikes again". EL OH EL

Gary Busey on Celebrity Rehab? What a shocker!

Well I just saw a commercial for the new season of celebrity rehab. And I was like all hyped up, OHHH YEAH GARY BUSEY, my favorite crazy, I dug his antics on Me & Busey, at least I think that was what it was called, and his awesome shenanigans on the red carpet randomly grabbing and hugging people he has never met. So I was like, of course, Gary Busey, he's all effed up. But well, now that I've done some research I guess my image and what I was going to post was a tad premature. Apparently he's been clean and sober for about 13 years now, and he's on the show for support. Nothing says support like a manic freak that might try to snap your neck at any moment. But anyways, the new cast is semi-interesting I suppose. Jeff Conway is back with his mumbling and well, I dunno, is there much of a brain to save in him anymore, at least the American public will be pleased, since they love people that are more miserable than them. There's some girl from American Idol that didn't win that I really don't recall, Nikki McKibbon. A model for eye candy Amber Smith. Guns n Roses Steven Adler, which I always thought had a kind of neat comatose swagger to him. And Rodney King. Maybe he'll ask 'can't we all get along, and hit this bong'. Anyways, it will probably end up the same as last season, at least with me, unwatched. But it's interesting to see the makeup of the new season.