Sunday, June 29, 2008

How far we've come. How far we need to go.

Personally, I don't know who I'm going to vote for in the Fall. But, I, like many other Americans, really take pride that for once we have an option other than some old white rich male for president. But as a country, we still have racism seething underneath our banner of "land of the free". First we had the Obama monkey t-shirts, representing Barack as curious george, something which the creator of the shirt said had no racist connotations, but well, I was offended. Now people are printing buttons and t-shirts with the phrase "If Obama wins, will it still be 'The White House'". Now there's a stamp on some of our bills with the truncated phrase "Let's keep the White House white!". Shame on you, whoever you are that's doing this. America should be it's promise, where "all men are created equal". In an age where foreigners think of us as fat, lazy, and racist, why can't we accept that we are all human, and prove them wrong.

Superman and Batman are killing innocent people!

Last Saturday at Six Flags over Georgia a 17 year old boy was killed after he climbed two sets of fences to get under the Batman roller coaster. There were plenty of warning signs such as "Danger" "Danger Zone", "Do Not Enter", "Authorized Personnel Only" along the way. But the boy went anyways. Friends said he was trying to retrieve something he lost. When he got over the second fence, the ride hit him (at 50 miles per hour), and took his head off. This isn't the first time that this ride had killed someone either. Back in 2002 an employee was under the ride and got killed when someone's leg hit him in the head. Also, this is not the first series of accidents resulting from a superhero themed ride. At another Six Flags in Kentucky back in the beginning of the month. A 16 year old girl was riding the Superman Tower of Power (a freefall ride), and a cord wrapped around her feet on the way down and severed her feet from her body. So the question that's in my head is, are these so called "good" superheroes taking revenge on the public? WHY BATMAN WHY!

Bye bye bees.

Well I've been reading for a while now that the honeybees are dying off. I've read everything from climate change to cell phone towers scrambling their brains. While some people think 'oh well, i don't like bees anyways, they sting, they smell bad, they borrow my car and don't fill up the tank'. This is really an issue people should pay more attention to. Bees pollinate the majority of plants and flowers on our planet. So what happens if they die? We starve basically. What can we do about it? Haagen Dasz has a website (click here) to save the honey bees. If you want to read more about the honeybee crisis, click here for a good article.

North Pole Melts! Santa Claus gets a tan.

Well it's finally happened. Scientists now have the right to say "I TOLD YOU SO!". The North Pole is getting extremely close to losing all its ice for the summer. While we may still get freezing in the winter months, summer will most likely completely melt all ice at the North Pole. Check out CNN's story on it. Click here.

No more xp after tommorrow!

Well the Microsoft deadline is up. As of Monday June 29th XP has been cut out of the Microsoft lineup. While they will still offer support and updates for Windows XP until about 2012 (probably not after because the world is ending, lawls), most manufacturers and stores will no longer offer or carry Windows XP. I am one of those old XP cronies that refuses to give up XP, mostly because I don't want to buy more ram and a better video card, and have a fear of using Vista (mostly because of all the negative things I've heard). So for now I'll be sticking to my XP still (and ubuntu on my laptop), I suppose Vista is in my inevitable future. Maybe I can outwait it until Windows 7 is released. Here's a link CLICK HERE to an interesting story about software product "life cycles". I guess nothing good lasts forever.

Let me play my new Wii or I will kill myself!

13 year old Jake Roberts apparently hung himself after he got a new wii and couldn't play it immediately because his sister was watching TV already. Although it's not thought that it was intentional, the young boy died of asphyxiation from hanging himself with his school tie in his room. Amazing how far we will go in America when we don't get instant gratification. Click here for full story.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Danny Boy.

This is great. Just had to share it.

Frogs with claws.

So locals have known about these frogs for years. But now that the white man has discovered them, it's news. These frogs have a nifty little defensive mechanism. When they are threatened, the bones in their fingers, which are sharp and pointy, literally rip through their skin so they can tear you up. Interesting little evolution device. I wonder if it hurts when they do it? It's kinda like wolverine eh. Hope it doesn't sting too much. Click here for full article. Click here for another article.

LOLcat translator.

This thing is the greatest. I have an obsession with lolcats, which I don't like to admit, but they are great. So I found a translator, in case you want to learn to type in lolcat bad grammar. It's actually a pretty nifty little app. click here to check it out.
Besides just that site, there is a great page that translates entire webpages into lolcat pages, replacing images and translating text. CLICK HERE for a lolcat version of this page! or CLICK HERE to translate any page into an lolcat page.

Making fuel from seaweed.

Not a bad idea if you ask me. I've read a lot on the subject of ethanol production, and I've heard different sides to it. I've seen a few posts where the claim is that corn based, and especially switch grass based ethanol production actually uses more than a barrel of oil to produce a barrel of ethanol. Which makes sense if you trace it to all the farm equipment used to plant, maintain and harvest crops. So if seaweed can be used to produce ethanol, I don't see why not. Seaweed is known to grow as much as six feet a day, so it seems like an ideal crop. Also there aren't the connotations of raising food prices, and all the economics behind the big corn boom. Anyways, click here for the article.

Shipping children by mail.

I was reading on that the U.S. postal service before 1913 apparently shipped at least two children through the mail. Click here to check out a pretty funny picture of the practice.

WTF North Carolina

So North Carolina apparently issued about 10,000 license plates with the letters WTF starting the license plate #. The DMV is offering to replace the plates for anyone that wants to. Personally, I would be stoked on having that license plate. I can't even make heads or tails of mine, and often forget what my license # is. Makes it hard to check into seedy motels. :D Anyways, full story click here.

Puppies behind bars.

There are all kinds of service and charity organizations out there. Like this one. Puppies behind bars. I don't necessarily know what to think of it. It's a program to give Golden Retriever and Labrador puppies to inmates to train the dogs as explosive sniffing dogs, and service dogs for the disabled. I understand the disabled part, but I don't know, how fair is that, getting stuck in prison for the first two years of your life and when you get out, you have to look around for stuff that might blow you up. lol, anyways, here's the site

Dilbert Mash-Ups

For some reason this amused me highly. The only thing I wish you could do with this site is edit every panel for something to say. But anyways, yes, if you're a Dilbert fan, which I'm not so much, I mean I get a laugh now and then, but yeah, yes you can edit the last panel of the latest Dilbert cartoon on the Dilbert site's Mash Up page. Me, I just kept making filthy jokes. Click here to check it out yourself. Here's a screen cappy of me doing one.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Being put in an orphanage when your parents are still alive.

Interesting video. Imagine being handed over to the care of the state, or basically, to an orphanage, while you are still alive. In Indonesia, parents can give their children up if the pressures of poverty are too much to take. Check out this video. Click here.

Can we trust the Finnish?

I always thought that maybe Finland was a peaceful, fun loving place. I associate it with the grooviness of dutch countries. But a Finnish man actually purposelly hacked off an ear of one of the Maoi's ears on easter island? You know, the big old face statues, that are like, groovier than groovy. Anyways, here is a CNN article describing natural and human elements that might keep us from appreciating ancient art. Click here.

There are 10 million millionares in the world today.

So I guess 10 million millionaires are running around. I'm not even one tenth of the way there as of this month, maybe one percent or so. That's how history goes, I guess it's better than in the 1890's when 95% of the people owned 90% of the wealth. Anyways, if you want details click here.

Naked Cowboy Suing M&M's

So the naked cowboy. Who I feel is the ying to the yang of Venice's Harry Parry (u know the turbin wearing roller blading guitar play in venice, ca). Anyways he's suing M&M's for having a half naked M&M in one of their commercials wearing a white cowboy hat, and white socks. Which I guess is his trademark. But seriously, if I like wore a white cowboy hate and white socks and wrote like the great American novel, would he sue me for stealing his vibe? I dunno, seems kinda bleh. Maybe he wasn't getting enough through his pseudo-panhandling. There is a CNN article with some more facts, click here.

Rubben Studdard is getting married.

I got married before him, back in March. But....CNN didn't do an article about it. See how the white liberal media is keeping me, the white man, down? LAWLS.. congrats ruben. At least somebody will see your penis. heh, cuz he's fat, right?

Mission Statement

Guess this blog should have a purpose.
1. allow my stream of consciousness to breach its banks.
2. inform
3. confuse
4. bemuse


I thought I was hip, and cool, and neat, but I didn't know what RTFM meant, I read it on some bigshot's blog. Someone who makes the big adsense money. So I googlied it, and got the ever reliable citeable source of wikipedia. guess it means 'Read the effin' manual'. well you know what I mean. And I laughed. Oh man, those were the good times. I tell you what.

Gas prices.


Puppies freebasing kittens.

682 million dollars. That's what Kingdom of the Crystal Skull has made. I don't even make 25 cents an hour. Mario Lopez is selling like M&M ice cream. I'm sure he got something for that. I'll eat ice cream for money. Damn.