Sunday, June 29, 2008

Superman and Batman are killing innocent people!

Last Saturday at Six Flags over Georgia a 17 year old boy was killed after he climbed two sets of fences to get under the Batman roller coaster. There were plenty of warning signs such as "Danger" "Danger Zone", "Do Not Enter", "Authorized Personnel Only" along the way. But the boy went anyways. Friends said he was trying to retrieve something he lost. When he got over the second fence, the ride hit him (at 50 miles per hour), and took his head off. This isn't the first time that this ride had killed someone either. Back in 2002 an employee was under the ride and got killed when someone's leg hit him in the head. Also, this is not the first series of accidents resulting from a superhero themed ride. At another Six Flags in Kentucky back in the beginning of the month. A 16 year old girl was riding the Superman Tower of Power (a freefall ride), and a cord wrapped around her feet on the way down and severed her feet from her body. So the question that's in my head is, are these so called "good" superheroes taking revenge on the public? WHY BATMAN WHY!

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