Sunday, June 29, 2008

No more xp after tommorrow!

Well the Microsoft deadline is up. As of Monday June 29th XP has been cut out of the Microsoft lineup. While they will still offer support and updates for Windows XP until about 2012 (probably not after because the world is ending, lawls), most manufacturers and stores will no longer offer or carry Windows XP. I am one of those old XP cronies that refuses to give up XP, mostly because I don't want to buy more ram and a better video card, and have a fear of using Vista (mostly because of all the negative things I've heard). So for now I'll be sticking to my XP still (and ubuntu on my laptop), I suppose Vista is in my inevitable future. Maybe I can outwait it until Windows 7 is released. Here's a link CLICK HERE to an interesting story about software product "life cycles". I guess nothing good lasts forever.

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