Sunday, July 13, 2008

Belated War Gifts - Killer Trash

Osaka in western Japan is the scene of an evacuation. Floods? Fires? What would cause authorities to evacuate 5,400 residents? A six foot long, one ton bomb is what. An old World War II bomb left in the ground, unexploded more than 60 years ago. Just as in 1974, one of the last Japanese soldiers, Hiroo Onodo surrendered, having not accepted the war as being over, these bombs definitely don't know when the war is over. This is actually a common thing in Japan, a bomb was found back in March in the outskirts of Tokyo. It is also not an uncommon thing in the world at all. A Virginia man in May was killed trying to restore a still active cannonball from the Civil War. People still discover active mines left over from the Civil War. War leaves us little presents everywhere. Although standards of using mines have altered over the years, Afghanistan is still dealing with the over million mines left over from their conflict with Russia. On a regular basis in Afghanistan people lose life and limb, so it's no wonder Kabul has one of the most advanced prosthetics programs in the world. Unexploded bombs and mines are found throughout the world. Aftermath from war, devices that have no loyalties and don't pick sides. Our legacy and gift to the next generation.

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