Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Stumbleupon goes down. People see the sun for the first time since 2006.

Stumbleupon goes down, freaks come out of hiding - puppies freebasing kittens
There are those of us that have pointer fingers that are rippling with raw power and muscle, all thanks to the web browser plug in Stumbleupon, or as we stumblers like to call it, just stumble, or stumbly joe, sometimes when I'm drunk, I call it sweety pie cutie stumble. But that's me, you know. Anyways, I got up today, checked my news feeds, and then set myself to do a little stumbling. Lo and behold! Sweety pie cutie stumble was down! There was a nifty little picture, advising me to go outside and play. I panicked. I began to hit my stumble button over and over again. Same thing, a maintenance page. How could they do this to me? Maintenance, baah! Give me my wonderful random pages. I envisioned a world where I stumbled not onto a page where I could rate whether I like it or not, send it along to people on my friends list on stumble, and where instead I stumbled into the sunlight. My pale skin burning under its gaze, while masses of stumblers poured onto the streets, like zombies, clueless, darkness bleached, staring in awe at things like other people, and flowers and clouds and things. Would their release from the evil clutches of mindless stumbling cause the roads to become clogged with people seeking real life entertainment? Would people be in libraries pulling random books off the shelves, flipping to random pages and saying 'I don't like it'? Would people be outside taking pictures of everything they saw, so they could come home and put phrases like 'I has a flavor?' on pictures of cats they found on the streets for their lol fixes? Luckily, about 30 seconds later it stumbled it's first page to me, a charming little flash animation about balancing [nine bowls of soup] on your head. For those of you unfamiliar with stumbleupon, it's really a great little application bar tool for your browser, and I have discovered some of my favorite sites on it. Click here - to check out the stumbleupon homepage.


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Yes, and she threw stumbly pie in the mix.