Friday, July 25, 2008

Fashion or cruelty? Live fish are being used in jewelry.

I have run across a couple articles (first one I saw was on Ananova, click here to see it) in the last few days, and there seems to be a new fashion trend out there. No, it's not paying an extra 20 dollars for a shirt that looks "used" (distressed I believe is the term). No, it's wearing fish. Not just any fish. Live goldfish. Many have condemned it as cruel, but that's not stopping it from being all the rage in China. Basically they are necklaces with fish encapsulated within them. Inside there is fish food, and oxygen balls to keep them alive. They can supposedly survive for three weeks inside the necklaces. The companies selling them say you can break them open and release the fish before they meet their demise. Personally, I find this a bit cruel. I mean, who wants to live in a little 2 inch bubble anyways? Reminds me of the wonderful craze of fish inside platform shoes ala the 70s. I mean what's next? Kitten belts with live kittens taped to you?

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